Warrant of Arrest:


The Accused

  1. Commander Lera t'Resan
  2. Captain Andrew Payne
  3. Lieutenant jg. Melvin Orlan
  4. Lieutenant Lott Tadtasi
  5. Lieutenant Tarra Nebendi
  6. Lieutenant Cosmos to-Ennin
  7. Lieutenant Sherry "Halfpipe" Holly
  8. Lieutenant Commander K'Lynxyl
  9. Lieutenant Milton Dammers
  10. Captain M'Rander

Closing Comments


For quite some time, there have been numerous aligations of gross misconduct aboard the USS Freedom, terribly lax to non-existant disclipine, failure to keep vital equipment maintained, and most notably the artifact smuggling ring under Captain Treki and Admiral Dude. The ship went beyond from being a sad joke to a shocking case of extreme criminal negligence and deliberate wrongdoing. Regretably, when enough evidence was found for a court martial three years ago, the officers whom warrants were issued went AWOL. Some are stated to have "went missing under strange circumstances" such as Captain Treki, but I believe that was a cover for her deliberate flight.

Reguarless, the rouges who escaped the dragnet went about their merry way, continuing to make their ship a mockery of Starfleet, and continuing to wreck havoc across the Federation. The destruction of the space station at New California was merely their most well known disaster. Further investigation has revealed more offenses, including kidnapping, murder and attempted murder, canibalism, violation of the Prime Directive, conspiracy, and treason.

Therefore, I hearby order the arrest and court-martial of the following officers:

Captain Andrew Payne

Commander Lera t'Resan

Lt. Commander K'Lynxyl

Lieutenant Lott Tadtasi

Lieutenant Tarra Nebendi

Lieutenant Cosmos to-Ennin

Lieutenant Sherry "Halfpipe" Holly

Lieutenant jg. Melvin Orlan

As Lt. Milton Dammers and Captain M'Rander are missing and presumed dead, no warrants have been issued for them. They are listed here to show the extent of how bad corruption on the ship has gotten. In the case of Lt. Dammers, his activities also delayed the investigation.

There will also be further interrogation of the remaining crew to determine willing participants in these shenanigans, conducted by Lieutenant Bruno, formerly Security Chief of Space Station Abu Ghraib.

The Accused:

Commander Lera t'Resan:

Commander Lera t'Resan faces a long list of charges. I expect this warrant to be followed by sucessive charges against her.

t'Resan is charged with multiple counts of fraternization, lewd and lacivious behavior, and conduct unbecoming of an officer. This includes, but certainly is not limited to, her daliances with Captain Payne, Lt. Droolin, and Lt. Strife, going out of uniform on duty by her well-known habit of removing her top and exposing herself in public, and generally being a bad role model for officers from worlds whom have only recently done away with patriarchial leanings.

t'Resan is charged with attempted bribery, in this case the offered exchange of sexual favors to Risan police for letting her go.

Of t'Resan's five children from the result of her liason with Lt. Strife, there is evidence of willful neglect of them. Spending little time with them, she promises yeomen sexual favors in return for babysiting them while she galavants with someone else (or does the plotting and scheming Romulan spies are noted for - see below). She is charged with five counts of child neglect.

Of the investigation of the artifact smuggling ring under Captain Treki and Admiral Dude, I order it reopened and she is therefore charged with taking part in it - illegal shipping of artifacts, illegal proffitering, and conspiracy. As Science Officer, her cooperation would have been indispensible in carrying it out.

Finally, we have had numerous information leaks of sensitive information from the Freedom, as well as a number of transmissions to unidentified recipients, and some recipients that were identifed as Romulan with occasional Ferrengi.

Who better than another Romulan to aid in gathering and sending this information?

Commander, t'Resan is charged with multiple counts of espinoge and conspiracy.

Of the incident where K'Lynxyl was kidnapped by Ferrengi and she was supposedly kidnapped with her, the interrogation of the two survivors of that operation had some interesting relevations. One stated "... the Damon was helped by someone from the inside. He bribed a Starfleet officer into slipping a transmitter onto the shuttlecraft she was to use to getting to the base."

Concerning the reports I have of the ill feelings between t'Resan and K'Lynxyl, I believe she was the bribed officer. She is charged with assisting of the kidnapping of a Starfleet officer, conspiracy thereof, and theft of Starfleet property, in this case the shuttle.

And recently, I have also come across another serious incident involving her. I came across a tape showing an angry t'Resan saying, "Lynx, I will spend every moment trying to find a way to kill your cubs, slowly. I may even eat them."

She is hearby charged with two counts of threatining the life of a minor, two counts of conspiracy to take the life of a minor, and conspiracy of illegal disposal of a body for sexual gratification."

The tape then showed t'Resan battering Lynx with a fire estinguisher, from behind and with no provocation from K'Lynxyl. t'Resan is charged with assault & battery and attempted murder. As it turns out Lynx was pregnant, she is charged with a total of five counts of attempted murder."

Captain Andrew Payne:

Of the reopened investigation of the artifact smuggling ring under Captain Treki. Captain Payne is charged with taking part in it - illegal shipping of artifacts, illegal proffitering, and conspiracy. I find it hard to believe as First Officer at Treki's departure, he was not part of it when so many officers under him were.

Also, his actions on the alternate Earth led to the exposure of knowledge of Starfleet to the public of a civilization not ready to deal with the knowedge of life other than their own. He is charged with multiple violations of the Prime Directive.

Concerning the incident at New California, as the commanding officer at the time I hold him responsible for what happened there, interference with the performance of a local governing body, assault and battery of numerous personel, numerous counts of sabotage, etc. etc.

In addition to the forementioned, Captain Payne is charged with the destruction of the space station at New California, and endangering the population of the planet as it's entire six month shipment of Vulcan tofu was aboard. Not just from the starvation, but from the fumes had any of it have landed at populated areas. It's bad enough in it's regular state, overcooked, the smell is lethal.

In addition, Captain Payne is cited for failure to enforce crew discipline, lax punishments for deriliction of duty, et. etc.

Captain Payne also faces two counts of harrasment. First, a V'Lynxyl of New Cait filed a complaint with Prideland Security concerning a harrassing V-mail. A rather crude attempt at a supposed letter from her late mother. In addition, he is charged with sexual harrasment of a Starfleet Inspector, specifically, Inspector K'Lynxyl. Granted the charge was not made by K'Lynxyl herself, but her mother after she described the incidents in detail, but there is evidence enough to add this to the list of charges against him.

Finally, we back to the information leaks of sensitive information from the Freedom to the Romulans. There was too much leaked to be from one person. Furthermore, some of the information could only be obtained by one of command rank.

Not only do I think Captain Payne did it, but I think he was personally well-groomed and planted into position by the Romulans to begin with. In fact, until his arrival on the Freedom, no records of him ever existed! Captain Treki who confirmed him is highly suspect to begin with, and used a malfunctioning computer to do the confirmation. I myself talked to numerous officers from his supposed time in the Academy. Not one ever recalled a man of his name being there - not one! Payne, or "Maxwell Lee" as he was supposedky known then, never existed.

Payne is hearby charged with espienoge, impersonating a Starfleet officer, conspiracy to infiltrate Starfleet, etc., etc., etc., ...

His commission is to be revoked immediately, in addition to the charges he faces, Mister Payne is no longer a part of Starfleet, other than as a criminal.

Lieutenant jg. Melvin Orlan:

Lt. Orlan's entry aboard the Freedom is highly suspect. In addition, there is some evidence you aided in the spying. He is charged with assistance in conspiracy to commit espinouge.

In addition, when my personal began arriving on the Freedom, he began to openly act against us, attempting to open fire on the USS Falujia, which failed due to our precautions of accessing their computer and disabling weapons and communications, and then having the ship run away when he couldn't. He is therefore charged with gross insubordnation, interference with a Federation investigation. and multiple counts of assault with a deadly weapon. Considering the state of the ship's repairs, though, it is possible the last charge could be dropped.

Lieutenant Lott Tadtasi:

Of Lt. Taldasi, several instances of so-called 'malfunctions' under his, or is that her, watch look suspicious. She, or is that he? GAH!!

Taldasi is herby charged with sabotage.

Lieutenant Tarra Nebendi:

Lt. Nebendi's conduct at the Risan bachelor auction was ... bizzare to say the least. The sight of a tall muscular female Kzin in a French Maid outfit bound and gagged and getting spanked ... I did not need the mental image, let alone the tape of the scene.

Lt. Nebendi is charged with conduct unbecoming of an officer.

Furthermore, the leaks to the Ferrengi can be timed to have started from her arrival on the Freedom. She is charged with spying for the Ferrengi.

Finally, there is evidence that she beamed aboard one of the invading Kzin vessels durring the incursion at Planet Cid. She is charged with treasonous activity and cooperating with hostile forces.

Lieutenant Cosmos to-Ennin:

Of Lt. Ennin, there is evidence that he beamed aboard one of the invading Kzin vessels in the forementioned incursion. He is also charged with treasonous activity and cooperating with hostile forces.

And of his recent, 'genetic surgery' via water from Planet Junkeskyo, he is charged with the illegal creation of an artificial sapient life form under the Eugenics Act.

Lieutenant Sherry "Halfpipe" Holly:

As Lt. Holly was one of the officers under Captain Treki, she is charged with assisting her in the artifact smuggling ring.

She is also charged with the theft of one ton of Haggis from the military commisary on Planet K'Mahryt, and littering by scattering numerous clumps of hair from Yorkshire Terriers.

Lieutenant Commander K'Lynxyl:

Lt. Commander K'Lynxyl faces a number of charges. Of her recent actions documented on Risa at the bachelor auction documented on Risan public brodcasting, they would have been one thing if she remained a civilian. In Starfleet they mean something else. She is also charged with conduct unbecoming of an officer. Of the nature of this conduct, specificaly Lt. Nebendi, she is charged with assault and battery of a subordinate officer.

Concerning her conduct toward Commander t'Resan in the vicinity of Mynesia, she is charged with assaulting a superior officer.

She is charged with abusing her position as ship's counselor by sadistically tormenting numerous young yeomen and ensigns. Her whips and chains will be offered as evidence.

Concerning her reported conduct on New California, she is charged with several counts of assault and one count of assault and battery.

Concerning the reported mishandling of the remains of the late Flare Strife, she is charged with canibalism and the abuse of a deceased body for sexual gratification.

Next, it seems that her previous, liasons, have a way of disappearing or turning up deceased. K'Lynxyl is charged as having a hand in these cases. This includes Lt. Milton Dammers, whom has been declared missing and presumed dead. She is charged with his murder, in addition to the other murders.

As there is some connection between the disapperances of Demian Tempres and Captain M'Rander, missing and presumed dead, she is also charged in their murders.

Finaly we come to her conduct at Planet Cid. There is ample evidence that she not only willingly joined up and fully cooperated with an invading force hostile to the Federation, but she knew about it well in advance. She is hearby charged with desertion and treason against Starfleet and the Federation.

Lieutenant Milton Dammers:

As Lt. Dammers is missing and presumed dead, the charges against him, going even before his time on the USS Freedom, will be filed in his absence for acedemic purposes.

He is charged with several counts of conduct unbecoming of an officer, before and durring his service on the Freedom, the most recent being his actions at the Risan bachelor auction in which a Cygnian girl in a skintight suit walked him off the stage, handcuffed and shirtless, by a leash and collar.

He is also charged with "lewd and lacivious behavior" for what happened with her after they left the auction (how does one get charged for that on Risa?).

He is charged with damaging Federation property, notably the burning of a medical lab.

He is charged with misuse of a cryogenics tube.

He is charged with failing to report to his ship following the incident involving mentioned dammaged Federation property.

He is charged with being Away WithOut Leave, twenty years to be exact.

He is charged with failure to complete an assigned mission.

He is charged with collaborating with an agent of the enemy he was assigned to watch.

He has failed to file reports concerning mentioned agent, and faces charges there as well.

Next, of the supposed computer malfunction that nearly killed Lera t'Resan shortly after her assault on K'Lynxyl on Risa, I believe Dammers was more aware of it than anyone else. A scan of the computer revealed traces of old codes and techniques that are unique to the methods of certain Federation Black Ops operators, of two decades ago.

He was the only one with a method, a motive, and an opportunity to commit the crime. And so he is charged with the attempted murder of Commander Lera t'Resan.

And finally, certain charges he shares with Captain M'Rander.

Captain M'Rander:

Of Captain M'Rander, missing and presumed dead, certain members of Starfleet had hoped your earlier experience would mean a decent performance, despite my recommendations. It appears they were wrong and I was right. She is charged with the following 'in absentia.'

She is charged with failure to enforce proper military protocol, specifically the "Brundle" incident after her arrival on the Freedom.

She is also charged with failure to enforce disclipine.

She is also charged with misuse of Federation property.

She is also charged with failure to maintain proper records.

Concerning Commander K'Lynxyl's behavior, she is charged with failure to prosecute gross negligence because of nepotism.

Also concerning behavior of the forementioned, she is charged with failure to prosecute mutiny.

Of the incident at Planet Cid, she is charged with failure to complete an assigned mission.

She is charged with failure to enforce the Prime Directive by allowing Federation technology to fall into the paws, er, hands of the natives.

She is charged with unecesarily endangering her ship and crew by failing to disengage in the face of overwhelming odds to report a breach of treaty and act of war.

And, she is charged with allowing her ship to fall into hostile hands.

Finally, we arrive at the final set of charges, shared by both Captain M'Rander and Lt. Dammers. These concern the fate of the USS Tang two decades ago. I find it hard to believe the ship "accidentaly" ended up in Kzin territory and the two of them ended up the only survivors by sheer coincidence. Also, the service record of the Tang at the Kzin border has a number of ... irregularies. Patrols took much longer to make, the ship was taking more weapons and supplies than it should have, the logs were total fabrications - fakes!

I believe the two of them were not only smuggling weaponry to the Kzin, and M'Rander had a love affair with the 'Charr Riit' mentioned on reports, but they deliberately sacrificed the ship and the lives of their crewmen when their little scheme was uncovered.

Captain M'Rander is therefore charged with the destruction of the USS Tang, and the murder of its crew. She is also charged with several counts of canibalism concerning certain documents obtained from the Sick Puppy Institute.

Lt. Dammers, is charged with being an accessory to the destruction of the Tang, and an accessory to the murder of its crew.

"In absentia,' they face a number of additional charges, including weapons smuggling, conspiracy, and treason.

Closing Comments:

In spite of numerous setbacks, notably that trecherous Dammers revealing our investigation, it is my hope that a terrible blot on Starfleet has been removed. The plots within plots, the cabals, and the backstabbing surpassed even my darkest expectations when I began these investigations. I sincerely hope the forementioned officers never have another chance to wreck havock and lead on further ranks of idealistic yeomen and ensigns to ruin, not to mention the good name of Starfleet.

Although I would prefer throwing all of them into the Rumsflied facilities on Planet Leavenworth, I resign myself to the fact only their tratiorous Captain and his accursed Number One and Two officers stand a certainty of ending up their for the remainder of their miserable existances.

As for the Freedom itself, I reccomend having it destroyed. Let not that acursed vessel harm any other by it's dark aroura of evil. Let it die, and be forgotten.

Regretfully, I feel the trecherous schemes of Admiral Dude go well beyond the Freedom, that Payne and M'Rander have had the chance to drag other Starfleet personal on other ships into their webs of intrigue. I shall began further investigations to remove traitors and backstabbers from our ranks.

Admiral Russel Ironbottom