SD 05/28/05 - "The Battle of New Cait" aka "The Wrath of Ironbottom #16" - Just a few more minutes ...

We finally got the slipstream drive going. As I figured, it has not been a smooth trip. The slight "rainbow effect" just behind people as they moved about was a sign our warp drive was not perfectly aligned. Going into slipstream, the stars faded, and we went into a tunnel of light, a light blue cyan color. Then the slipstream flashed we were going into "ludicrous speed." With that, the tunnel turned plaid. Indeed, the rainbow effect changed into plaid as well.

Ship's been vibrating and shaking like crazy. Getting reports of structural failures in several places across the ship. We've got to hold on just a little longer. Just a little ...

Finaly! We're coming out of slipstream. Hope we're not too la-

Ahhhh!! Turn Helm! Turn! Turn! Turn!

Whew! Almost hit the tail of that freighter. Still some ships out there, and there's Ironbottom. Well, here comes our moment where we put up or shut up ...


The following is part of a broadcast made at the time of the confrontation:

"This is M'Urro, of NCNN (New Caitian News Network), reporting from the decks of the Federation freighter Paul Gibbs. This may well be our very last broadcast. Goddess, it's bad out here, truly bad."

"A Borg cube came out of warp minutes ago, and down below the planet is begining a hurried evacuation. We're trying to get as many people out as we can in what time we have. What defenses we have are doing their best to buy time, but against a Borg cube ... only a few thousand may make it at best."

"As I peer through the screen, Space Stations One and Two have taken heavy damage. Several local destroyers that tried to engage it are crippled and out of the fight. By some fortune, the Galaxy Class ship Yammato was in the area and is doing it's best to keep the Cube at bay. But even from here I see the battle is going badly. Oh the Caitanity!"

"A message is coming in through the intercom ... the Captain, Commander Abrams, is cordinating with the freighter Ambrose, planning to distract the cube so the Yammato can last a little longer. We don't have much in armament or armor, but the evacuation shuttles have none."

"The Yammato seems to be getting a second wind ... or are the Borg just toying with it? ... We're coming up around the other side, we're firing - "

(loud rumbling sounds and yells)

"Goddess! The shields somehow held, but I don't know if we can take another hit like that. This may be the end. I don't see anyone seriously hurt, but a number of personel are lying on the ground with bruises. Others are running around franticaly. One's clearly panicked, cowering and shrieking 'I don't wanna die, I don't wanna die ... ' "

"We're circling back around, *cough* there's smoke in the room ... the Ambrose just took a hit, spinning out of control. I wonder it -

"Great Goddess look at that! Another ship just came out of warp right from behind and zoomed past with only meters to spare! It's a big one folks! We may have just gotten a break in this fight. The Gibbs is getting a little distance from it ... I don't believe it folks! It looks like a Kzin Battle Carrier! The biggest one I've ever seen! Not that I've ever seen one, but I don't think they ever made them this big! I know we've called for help from any ship in the area, but what is a Kzin warship doing here?"

"Fire from the Borg warship has stopped, ladies and gentlebeings. We're getting reports of transmissions between the Borg and the Kzin ship ... images from the battle carrier show a Federation crew? What the Dark is going on here? The Borg are reportedly led by an assimulated Federation Admiral ... we're still waiting for confirmation, but unconfirmed reports say this is Admiral Russel "Rusty" Ironbottom, who was reported missing weeks ago. ... "

"They've opened fire! They've opened fire! The carrier just let loose a full salvo of drone missles! From the underside I see shuttles flying out, fighters. Some of these look like the 'gunboats' that have been mentioned on occasion. I see what looks like some phaser fire from the carrier. This is going to be some fight! Ladies and gentlebeings, we just might make it after all."

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