SD 07/30/05 - "The Witless will Take the Stand" - Well that was unexpected.

This court session was mostly testemony from individuals about the conduct of the defendants, the crew giving statements about Lera and Lynx. However, much of it was trivia, notably Lott and Half speculating about Lera's "fake floating" breasts. The judge was clearly miserable, groaning and swallowing asprins. Tarra took her oath in Kzin, which broke the universal translator: "I have the runs and am alergic to hamsters."

Some of her testimony was potentially damaging, saying Lynx might hunt down a sapient for food if it wasn't on the Federation database. That goes more along with Lera's rants about her than I've believed. Can she be really that heartless? But she stated as far as Lera was concerned, she kept it to harmless jokes.

Kura was there this time, back in his regualr tigertaur form. Odd things seemed to be hapening in his wake. When he was near Ben Dover, the guy turned blue and fell over. When he was near the judge, there was a puff of smoke at the chair. For a moment, I thought Ross looked human instead of the kangaroo-like being she was, but that may have been my imagination. What wasn't my imagination was when a canister rolled across the floor, The Selay Prosecutor Naro stepped on it when questioning Tarra, slipped and crushed it, was covered in a splash of water, and the Selay became an Antican, a mamillian race the Selay warred with for a time and still dislike, some still hating and loathing.

Naro reacted badly to his transformation, screaming about becoming a "horrible monster," and Lott clobbered him with the fire estinguisher left over from yesterday. The judge finally had enough, and ordered the trial held up until Naro was back to normal and ordered Lott held for contempt of court and destruction of evidence. For now, Lynx and Lera will be witnesses, for my trial.

So now it's my turn to face the judge. After her experience with Lera and Lynx, she's liable to be in a foul mood deciding my fate. Doing some research, there was a small bit of good news. Ross has raised some questions about the Prime Directive in the past, wondering if it's always the best thing for a pre-warp civilization. But still, the law is the law. Will she buy my argument that the complications on this "alternative Earth" made it irrevevant, at least to the point of exposing the shadow agency's files.

And even if that doesn't get me, there's my lack of a record of my attending the Academy.

Things are not looking good.

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